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Aya Kiguchi, Actress We Can All Get Behind

Aya Kiguchi, Actress We Can All Get Behind

The New York Asian Film Festival lineup (July 1-14, NYC) has been announced, and the material coming out of Japan is sexy, freaky, and a bit silly.
Seems like a good place to go hunting for hot babes. The short “Dark on Dark” is about “a two-bit talent manager and his outrageously endowed adult video talent.” The latter is played by the actress Fuko, who according to Japan’s highly unreliable system wears a 47P bra. Eh, we’ll not go there. Google her if you like.
“Dark on Dark” screens with Horny House of Horror — “Japan does the violent porno horror thing better than anyone else and this oddity features butt-walls, wiener-eating and demon hookers. This is the directorial debut from the writer of MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD, and it’s firmly in the vein of that film and ROBO GEISHA. Only, you know, set in a horny house that’s full of horror.”
Sounds good, and stars Saori Hara. Here is the trailer to Horny House of Horor. NSFW.
Moving on… Heavens Story directed by Takahisa Zeze, the “King of Pink Films.” Good to know.

Karate-Robo Zaborgar — acclaimed as Noboru Iguchi’s best film, and he’s the guy who did Robo Geisha. That doesn’t mean much to us, but this is the second mention of Robo Geisha. What is this Robo Geisha, some sort of robot geisha, like RoboCop but a geisha? What does she do, shoot samurai swords out of her body, ride around in a tiny tank, fight buildings that transform into giant robots, spray enemies with milk from her breasts?
That is easily the most ridiculous trailer for a movie we’ve ever seen, handily beating Horny House of Horror. One more film of note playing at the NYAFF: Love and Loathing and Lulu and Ayano. It’s about life on the bottom rungs of the Japanese porno industry. Hot diggity dog. And it stars Aya Kiguchi.
Aya Kiguchi… Aya Kiguchi… why does that name ring a bell? Because Aya Kiguchi is… Robo Geisha!
She is also, judging from the 1,400 pictures we just combed through, quite proud of her butt. Enjoy:

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