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Sungkyukwan Scandal

I'm not quite in 'love' with the story, but with the actor! Song Joong Ki!!
He's so so so adorable and cute. His charming smile and his eyes!! /faint/

I love how he acts so naturally in the drama. Thumbs up for him ! !

Actually I'm not really satisfied with the story line. At first I thought that Gu Yong Ha will also fall in love with Kim Yong Shik, but in the end that never happens. Disappointed at that, but still, I love Song Joong Ki so much!

I can't resist his smile!!
Here's some photos of him in case you want to know how he looks like.

Cute isn't he?
I can't wait for his next drama/movie. And I really hope next time, he will be the lead actor!
He's so cute, so cute, so cute.


[The title doesn't really fit the content because I talked about Song Joong Ki only, but well, the only thing I'm interested in the drama is his part! I watch the whole thing, but I'm not really into others. Haha. I also love the lead actress btw. Very pretty!]

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