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i just wanna share this, although i′m late say happy birhday for my lovely YOOCHUN this tribute from cassie in indonesia.

A tribute for Park ‘Micky’ Yoochun.
Writen by Allison Nakamura.

* Eh ? Micky? You are Micky,right? Micky Yoochun from TVXQ? o_O

E, eh? Yes, i am ^^; Annyeonghaseyo.

* Annyeonghaseyo, Yoochun-Oppa. Allison imnida. What are you doing here? Why your alone? :0

Oh. I’m just invate Harang hang out. I’m from buy a coffee in there *showing a coffee shop in across street* good weather so I decide for relax awhile in this park^^

* Ooh, may I siting here?

Oh of course. Please.

* You have a spare time?

Yeah. Just take a break awhile, tomorrow I back to japan again. For JYJ consert in Dome.

* Ooh,,, hey! Today your birthday! Saengil chukahamnida Micky-Oppa!

You know? Gomapta nae 

*Sorry I can give you a present.Mianhaeyo >< I don’t know if I will meet you in here!

Aa gwaenchanayo. Your statmen already make me happy 

* Why your alone in your birthday? Definetly your sad :’(

Ah I’m not sad. Tonight a will celebrate with my friends.

* With all TVXQ member too?

Hmm. I don’t know. They really busy.

* Ooh like that… Oppa?


* Telling about you.

Telling what?

* Anything. Are you still longer in here?

Emm, ne…

* Oke tell anything. I will listening.

Emm. Start from where?

* Start from oppa live in Virginia. Why oppa move in there? Why don’t live in indonesia?

I followed my uncle. I was child. If I go to Indonesia I will become a lost boyXD

* Oh, alright. Do you like living there? No wonder oppa can fluently english.

Actually is hard. But I happy living there. Although I must hard work and my life is hard but I’m still happy.

* What is your feeling? When you must leave your family for training in here.

Hard. My family isn’t close family and warm like general family. I don’t have a much time for said I love them… *Oppa take a breath*
first time a feel really hard in training. I’m alone in here. But I have good friends and always supporting me on happy or sad. I really happy. My mom ever said she always worrying if I will living alone in here. But cause a have friends in here, I don’t feel lonely 

* Ah I’m glad to hear that 
between all TVXQ member, you’re the one most close with Junsu, right. YooSu couple.

Oh of course? Gomapta ^^

* I miss see you do something funny!

Ah yeah. May be I must put it into DVD 3HREE VOICES *laugh*

* of course! It must! *laugh too*
BTW… are you already see intoxication?

Eh? Yes. Why ?

* Oppa don’t teach Junsu something weird, isn’t it? 

Eeeh? What your mean? Oh that your mean… I’m not create the dance move and lyric.

* Oppa definitely teach something weird… come on confess… 

No! really! I swear! (o3o)v

* Oke! I believe… XD
are you don’t want to duet with Junsu again?

Of course I want … but not have a perfect time.

* How about with Jaejoong again? I really like when you cover been so long*_*

Hmm later. I want to duet again with him 

* Are you miss Yunho and? Are you all still meeting?

I miss… but how?

* Oppa don’t desperate. I believe you all can back on stage some day later Oppa d

thank you *Oppa smile* Always Keep The Faith!
Always Keep The Faith! d

* how about beautiful love syuting? Difficult or not?

Not really. I’m like acting. I love it.

* Hwaiting, Oppa! I will always supporting Oppa! Yeah! But I don’t have DoCoMo Hp. So I can’t waching huhuu :’(

Yaah unfortunelyD:

* but today I meet Oppa. I definitely happy.

Me too. Thank you for join with me and harang in this afternoon.

* your welcome Oppa, cause want share with me hehe :d

Ah! Oppa wait the minute ! two minute! Not longer! oke?
—(two minute later)—

* Saengil chukahamnida,
saengil chukahamnida,
happy birthday Micky-Oppa,
saengil chukahamnida!

Waah so sweet. Gomapta nae 

* Cheonmaneyo, Oppa. Come on make a wish.
*Oppa close him eyes then blow the candle above cupcake*
Hopefully oppa can stand on stage with four man you love Dong Bang Shin Ki 

Allison and all Cassiopeia in this world must wait until that day come, ok!

* Absolutly!

Any last words?

Always Keep The Faith!

“It’s amazing that he gets everything he puts his mind to be done. He is action over words.”
- JS to YC

“He is a thoughtful person. He has a big heart. He has a sense of manliness that is different from Yunho’s sense.”
- CM to YC 

“We’re so moved. He gave us really good advice. We won’t forget it.”
- SHINee to YC

“Yoochun’s gf has to be perfect. Must be perfect, pretty, good in learning, good in english.”
- JS to YC

“It is true that when we overcame that hard period together, the bonds between the five of us grew even deeper”

“LOVE and SUPPORT that’s why were here, not to doubt but to believe.”

“Everyone.. Are you happy!?No matter what happens I hope you will always be able to smile! I will work hard! Always keep the faith”

For the most appreciate friendship person between them five,
For creator of hundred beutifull song person with him hand, 
A man will crying affected when singing because touching with warmth brotherhood between them,
for a man always make we laugh with he behaviour,
For a man will teaching us English language with new way, 
For ideal women gentleman,
For deep voice vocalis constant changing him hair style,

For a man named Park ‘Micky’ Yoochun,

Happy birthday
???? …
Selamat ulang tahun ???

We just wish for you always happy.
because your happiness, is our happiness too.
Hopefully In this happy day, you will celebrate with peoples you loves.
especially with four people you love in TVXQ.
We love you ?

Happy Birthday.
Allison say this for someone while teaching me how family is beauty and friendship to me.
To a man may be I will marriage (hahaha) wish you all the best.
hopefully this day, you with peoples you love.
Allison love Micky-Oppa ?

source: wikipedia and various translations
credit: as tagged, DBSKnights, SYC
quotes taken from @TVXQquotes
written by: Allison Nakamura@Pinkrazy.wp
shared by lynn_kibum

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