CNBLUE Yonghwa and Park Shinhye's new drama, which was tentatively called "Festival," has been delayed. "Festival," now officially given the title "You Have Fallen For Me," was set to air on June 22nd on MBC. The title of the drama, "You Have Fallen For Me," was chosen from over 4,000 suggestions submitted by netizens between March 30th and April 10th on MBC's website.

An official from MBC stated, “There were many brilliant and catchy titles but we decided on 'You Have Fallen For Me' that seems to express the passion and dreams of the young generation which all generations can identify with."

The drama is produced by Park Minsoo, who is known to have produced the hit dramas "Full House" and "Worlds Within." "You Have Fallen For Me" is set in an art university and focuses on students who are trying to achieve their dreams. Park Shinhye plays Lee Kyuwon, a woman who is studying Korean traditional music and knowledgeable in the arts of the Korean harp. Yonghwa plays the male lead of Lee Shin, who is the cold and distant lead singer of a band and manages to win all of the girls' hearts on campus. The drama will follow the two's teenage romance. 

In a press release by Tree J., the drama's promoter, the first episode's broadcast will be set back by a week and will be shown on June 29th instead.